Living with
Atopic Dermatitisarrow-down--bold

Time to live life how you want to

Atopic dermatitis is a long-term condition that can keep coming back, but there are lots of things that can make life with atopic dermatitis better.1,2

Maybe you long for a good night’s sleep, the freedom to exercise and try new hobbies; to play with your kids, meet up with friends on the spur-of-the-moment, or feel free to wear whatever you want.3

Whatever atopic dermatitis affects, let your dermatologist know.

Finding the right support and appropriate long-term management could improve symptoms and help you get on with living life on your terms.1,2

When I have flare-ups on my hands, I'm self-conscious about it the whole time.

— Atopic dermatitis patient4

Don’t react to AD. Manage it.

You probably have cupboards full of lotions and creams you rely on during a flare.

But if you’re living with atopic dermatitis and feel like it’s holding you back, understanding its chronic nature and the immunological causes may help you to manage your atopic dermatitis better in the long-term.

Just trying to fall asleep can take up to 2 hours because of itching and general restlessness.

Staying asleep is another issue, 4 hours is all I can manage most nights.

— Atopic dermatitis patient4